How To Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants

How To Increase Terpenes When Growing Your Cannabis Plants

If you haven’t considered how to increase the amount of terpenes in your cannabis, now is the time to begin thinking about it. Terpenes not only affect the plant’s fragrance and scent which in turn increases the enjoyment of the user, but they’re also claimed to enhance the plant’s medicinal benefits and effectiveness. As a result it is time to take a more detailed review of how we can increase the amount of terpenes produced.


Excellent soil

Cannabis like all plant, requires adequate soil for it to flourish and grow strong, terpene-rich buds. Although it’s obvious that sufficient nutrients should be found in the soil, different opinions disagree on this point There are those who advocate for natural nutrients, while others claim that synthetic supplements are just as effective. Whatever you choose, be sure that they won’t overwhelm your buds. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, flush your plants about two or three weeks prior to the time to harvest. It will remove any extra nutrients that can interfere with the floral scent.

To be honest, the most effective soil technique is to make it “super,” or “alive,” soil, which is rich in microorganisms. You’ll be mimicking nature’s world in this manner. If you combine it with the right supplements, you’ll get a greater variety and complexity of Terpenes.

Stress or not stress, that’s the issue.

To stimulate the plants in producing terpenes, it is necessary to give them some LST, or low stress training. The reasoning behind bending the plant’s branches and spreading little branches in the appropriate direction is that your favorite foliage will get more light and grow at a more similar rate.

Allow it to shine.

In that sense, UV light, particularly UV-B light, is strongly suggested to yield a greater amount. UV light is believed to enhance the creation of trichrome. Furthermore, since Terpenes are created by those little glands, this also promotes the formation of terpenes. In simple terms they are created by the plant to protect itself against UV radiation. However, don’t get excited, and remember to wear your protective glasses. The flowering phase, light exposure should take approximately two to three weeks.

No matter if it’s cold or hot,

In the final 6 days of blossoming, temperatures is crucial for the growth of buds and the quality and concentration of terpenes.

The temperature must be maintained lower than 80 degrees during the second phase of the blooming time in order to avoid anything that goes above this could cause the buds to harden and lose their lovely scents. Reduce the temperature 5 to 10 degrees at evening, as this tiny change has been proven to be helpful.

During the blooming stage, humidity should be approximately 50% for the best synthesizing terpenes. However, before harvesting it is possible to reduce the humidity to 30% as this causes strain on the plant, and encourages it to generate more trichomes. Naturally, it acts as a protection against decaying buds.

It’s harvest time!

Terpenes, as exquisite as they are, are extremely delicate. Because they are relatively volatile chemicals, they’re extremely easy to break down. That would be a pity, given the variety of different kinds available to help you in creating the most wonderful fragrances. This is why it is vital to pick when you are ready. Each terpene is unique in its characteristics that might vary between harvests even within the same strain Therefore, you should be vigilant about your plants throughout this time to avoid losing the valuable terpenes. Examine the trichomes of the buds using an magnifying glass every day.

The steps to complete

Even if you’ve taken everything properly up to now, it’s going to need more patience wait for the buds to give their full. They must be dried slowly, and the humidity should be maintained low to avoid the development of mold.

Lastly, place the buds that have dried in containers such as jars or other containers (not plastic or white bags) and then open them up once or twice per day to let fresh air to circulate. Make sure there are no signs of mildew or damaged buds. After a few weeks you’ll be able to perform it less often. It can take up to a month, but the longer you sit longer, the more smooth the smoke will be. It is important to keep checking for signs of mold.

As you will see, everything comes down to the buds and correct care. If you follow the guidelines exactly, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of all those lovely terpene benefits.