Have You Ever Ever Burped Marijuana Smoke?

For these of you which have by no means skilled the ‘weed burp,’ basically while you exhale not the entire smoke comes out of your lungs. While you burp usually, you exhale air. So if there’s marijuana smoke nonetheless in your lungs and also you burp, some smoke comes out together with your exhaled air. It doesn’t occur to me that usually, however it does happen. There are individuals everywhere in the marijuana boards on numerous websites which have skilled this earlier than too.

It jogs my memory of certainly one of my favourite marijuana tales of all time. I used to be a younger teenager. Had simply began smoking marijuana. I used to be hanging out with my greatest buddy and his cousin, and we sneaked away to smoke some brick weed that the cousin had scored from an older pal. We had been hitting that metallic pipe stuffed with bammer like there was no tomorrow for most likely twenty minutes, however admittedly I used to be new to smoking marijuana and can’t make certain how lengthy it actually was.

Once we received again to the cousin’s condo, the mother and father have been dwelling. The dad was watching Tv, and the mother was on the kitchen desk doing one thing. All of us sat down and began watching Tv too when the mother requested a query to the dad. As she rounded the nook to listen to the dad higher, the cousin burped a cloud of marijuana smoke that you’d mistake for a full recent hit! I had seen the weed burp earlier than at this level, however solely proper after hits. This was the teenage stoner’s nightmare, the ‘ delayed marijuana burp.’

After a second of shock and awe, I regarded on the mom’s face which was like ‘what the f was that?!’ I then turned to the dad who had the look of ‘is my son a dragon?’ plastered on his face. Finally, I seemed on the cousin who had simply belched the marijuana smoke cloud into the room, who regarded like he had simply been given a dying sentence. The dad and mom instantly instructed me and my finest buddy to go away, and we later came upon that the cousin confessed. His rationalization? ‘How within the f#@ck am I presupposed to provide you with an evidence for that apart from the reality?